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Our firm specializes in accounting services for small business owners like you. It’s important that you provide great service and products to your customers, and that’s what matters most. Our team provides in-depth support necessary to maximize your personal and professional finances.

Specializing in small business accounting, we have tailor made accounting solutions that are comprehensive and valuable.

Small business owner
Mushtaq Thobani
Mushtaq Thobani
(Partner) CPA, CA
Riz Visram
Riz Visram
(Partner) CPA, CMA
Nelsha Nanji
Nelsha Nanji
(Partner) CPA, CGA, ACCA

How we currently help small businesses

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Our team is currently providing small business owners with a wide array of financial services including:

  • incorporation advisory,
  • corporate tax planning,
  • personal tax planning,
  • performance measurement,
  • financial statement preparation,
  • business analysis advisory,

and much more.

Freda Dan
Freda Fan
Marta Adamiuk
Quickbooks & Xero Pro Advisor
Saqib Zahoor
Saqib Zahoor

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Trust & Estate Tax

Recent tax news

Year-end planning for medical expense claims (November 2021) – Canadians are fortunate to have a publicly funded health care system, in which most major medical expenses are covered by provincial health care plans. Such plans are not, however, comprehensive, and there is consequently a large (and growing) number of medical and para-medical costs — including dental care, prescription drugs, physiotherapy, ambulance trips, and many others — which must be paid for on an out-of-pocket basis by the individual. In some cases, such costs are covered by private insurance… (Full article)

Business pandemic support programs extended and expanded (November 2021) – Throughout the pandemic, the federal government has provided businesses with a number of support programs, some of which operated to subsidize the wage and rental costs of those businesses. Some of those programs were scheduled to expire on November 20, 2021; however, in its most recent announcement made October 21, 2021, the federal government indicated that one program — the Canada Recovery Hiring Program (CRHP) — would be extended, possibly until July 2, 2022. In addition, two new programs will be implemented … (Full article)

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