Budget expands access to Home Buyers’ Plan (April 2019)

Both changes in the job market and increases in real estate prices over at least the past decade have made [...]

What to do when you can’t pay your tax bill (April 2019)

Most taxpayers sit down to do their annual tax return, or wait to hear from their tax return preparer, with [...]

Some last-minute tax filing strategies – the timing of medical and charitable tax credit claims (April 2019)

By the time most Canadians sit down to organize their various tax slips and receipts and undertake to complete their [...]

Paying the taxman – how and when (April 2019)

Our tax system is, for the most part, a mystery to individual Canadians. The rules surrounding income tax are complicated [...]

When and how to file this year’s tax return (March 2019)

Each year, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) publishes a statistical summary of the tax filing patterns of Canadians during the [...]

It’s tax filing – and tax scam – season (March 2019)

For many years now, there has been a persistent tax scam operating in Canada in which Canadians are contacted, usually [...]

Deciding when to start receiving Old Age Security benefits (March 2019)

The Old Age Security program is the only aspect of Canada’s retirement income system which does not require a direct [...]

What’s new on this year’s tax return? (March 2019)

While Canadian taxpayers must prepare and file the same form – the T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return – every [...]

New Quarterly Newsletters (February 2019)

Two quarterly newsletters have been added—one dealing with personal issues, and one dealing with corporate issues. They can be accessed [...]

More debt … and more interest (February 2019)

The fact that debt levels of Canadian households have been increasing over the past decade and a half can’t really [...]

Responding to a tax instalment reminder from the CRA (February 2019)

Sometime during the month of February, millions of Canadians will receive mail from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). That mail, [...]

RRSPs and TFSAs — making the annual contribution (February 2019)

For most taxpayers, the annual deadline for making an RRSP contribution comes at a very inconvenient time. At the end [...]

Taking advantage of pension income splitting (February 2019)

Income tax is a big-ticket item for most retired Canadians. Especially for those who are no longer paying a mortgage, [...]

Employment Insurance Premiums for 2019 (January 2019)

The Employment Insurance premium rate for 2019 is decreased to 1.62%. Yearly maximum insurable earnings are set at $53,100, making [...]

Quebec Pension Plan Premiums for 2019 (January 2019)

The Quebec Pension Plan contribution rate for employees and employers for 2019 is 5.55%, and maximum pensionable earnings are $57,400. [...]

Canada Pension Plan Contributions for 2019 (January 2019)

The Canada Pension Plan contribution rate for 2019 is increased to 5.1% of pensionable earnings for the year. The maximum [...]

Federal individual tax credits for 2019 (January 2019)

Dollar amounts on which individual non-refundable federal tax credits for 2019 are based, and the actual tax credit claimable, will [...]

Federal individual tax rates and brackets for 2019 (January 2019)

The indexing factor for federal tax credits and brackets for 2018 is 2.2%. The following federal tax rates and brackets [...]

Tax deadlines and limits for the 2019 tax year (January 2019)

Each new tax year brings with it a listing of tax payment and filing deadlines, as well as some changes [...]

Tax changes effective January 1, 2019 (January 2019)

The following tax changes are in effect January 1, 2019. Federal The small business income tax rate will be reduced [...]

The tax year is ending – some planning steps to take before December 31st (December 2018)

For individual Canadian taxpayers, the tax year ends at the same time as the calendar year. And what that means [...]

Year-end planning for your RRSP and TFSA (December 2018)

Most Canadians know that the deadline for making contributions to one’s registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) comes after the end [...]

The potential tax costs of holiday gifts and celebrations (December 2018)

The holiday season is usually costly, but few Canadians are aware that those costs can include increased income tax liability [...]

The 2018 Fall Economic Statement – some good news for business (December 2018)

While there weren’t a great number of tax measures included in the 2018 Fall Economic Statement brought down by the [...]

New Quarterly Newsletters (November 2018)

Two quarterly newsletters have been added—one dealing with personal issues, and one dealing with corporate issues. They can be accessed [...]

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