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Tax Services for Real Estate Developers & Holdings

Owning and developing properties are great ways to strengthen any investment portfolio, but only if you understand the legal requirements involved and take the necessary steps to protect those assets. It’s why a real-estate CPA is essential. They will take every measure to help you build and secure your holdings, so you can continue focusing on building your portfolio further.

For more than 35 years, real-estate investors throughout Vancouver and Calgary have entrusted MMT Chartered Professional Accounts with this important responsibility.

You Need an Accountant Specializing in Real Estate

Managing a real-estate portfolio doesn’t leave much time in your schedule, especially if you’re actively developing new properties or considering acquisitions. It’s why successful investors hire CPAs to handle their finances and proactively look ahead for profitable opportunities or potential pitfalls.

However, it’s just as important that you hire a CPA who specializes exclusively in these matters. The world of real estate investing – from the common challenges to the changing laws – is simply too complex for those who haven’t spent years successfully working in it.

At MMT Chartered Professional Accounts, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that the accountants handling your holdings have worked with investors like you for years and other real-estate professionals (e.g. leasing agents, property management companies, etc.), giving them a 360-degree perspective of this multifaceted industry.

A Portfolio of Financial Services for Real-Estate Developers

At the same time, we know that the world of real estate investing is too diverse for anyone CPA to understand it all. At MMT Chartered Professional Accounts, our team is made up of a wide range of experts with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. No matter what your next project entails, we have a CPA specializing in real estate services relevant to those specific needs.

These include handling:

  • Acquisitions – Let our team handle all of the necessary due diligence before proceeding with an acquisition, distilling the financial facets of any potential deal.
  • Sales – Selling a property is a big decision, which is why you need experienced accountants ensuring that you never proceed with a sale unless it’s absolutely in your financial best interest.
  • Tax Structure – Canadian tax laws can significantly diminish your portfolio’s value unless you have CPAs who understand them and know how to legally protect more of your investment.
  • Cash flow – Rest assured that each of your properties will be providing you with maximum cash flow, so you never need to worry that you’re not seeing the full potential of any investment.
  • Financing – Every veteran of real-estate investing knows that financing will make-or-break a portfolio, which is why so many of those veterans come to us for this essential service.Cost analysis – Before moving forward with a deal, let our team conduct a thorough evaluation to make certain that it’s the best possible choice for your unique goals.

Invest in Your Real-Estate Portfolio’s Future

Increasing the value of your real-estate portfolio involves more than just improving your current properties, developing new ones, purchasing others, and conducting sales when the price is right.

It also means ensuring that every one of these decisions is as informed as possible. With an account specializing in real estate at your side, you can remain focused on increasing your portfolio’s value with confidence knowing that you’re doing so under the professional supervision of an experienced expert.

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