Trust & Estate Tax Planning Calgary & Vancouver

MMT Chartered Professional Accountants offers comprehensive services for trust and estate tax planning that Calgary & Vancouver business owners and individuals can rely upon. Our broad spectrum of trust and estate tax planning services includes the preparation of trust and estate returns, inheritance tax planning and estate planning strategies. MMT will take every step necessary to ensure that your inheritance tax plan is in compliance with the tax legislation, while incorporating tactics to help reduce tax on your estate and maximize the legacy left to your inheritors.

Our trust and estate planning strategies can help you to ensure your business transfers to the next generation at the lowest tax cost that is available. Our goal is to ensure you plan to have your estate pass to the beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner. When it comes to trust and estate tax planning, Calgary and Vancouver business owners and individuals can depend on our experience, dedication and willingness to work hard to meet your needs. Talk to us about any needs you have to plan for.  Our Calgary and Vancouver offices can help establish an estate plan, manage an existing plan, or modify a plan to ensure that the best possible outcome occurs. Without this step in the estate tax planning process, Calgary and Vancouver business owners and individuals may end up paying more taxes than they should and thus impacting the estate legacy. Proper estate planning strategies can help prevent this.

A Comprehensive Level of Trust & Estate Tax Planning Services

We provide a wide range of services including but not limited to:

  • Trust formulation
  • Trust fund inheritance tax planning
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Inheritance tax management
  • Compliance with the filing of trust and estate returns

From inheritance planning for the beginner to comprehensive plans for corporations, our team of financial and tax professionals have the experience and know how to help you every step of the way. Our tax planning strategies help protect your money and assets so that they can go where you want them to. How can we help you today?

Contact our Calgary or Vancouver office to find out how we can help with your trust and estate tax planning needs.