Calgary & Vancouver Personal Tax Preparation & Filing Services

The experienced and professional certified personal tax accountants at MMT can assist in the planning and preparation of your personal tax returns.

Our personal tax services include:

  • Personal income tax preparation
  • Personal tax planning and compliance to minimize tax
  • Assistance with late tax and election filings to help minimize late filing and penalties
  • Sole proprietorships
  • Money management
  • Retirement and succession planning with tax minimization and maximum tax deferral
  • Communication with CRA to resolve compliance issues

Wealth Preservation and Succession Planning with Experienced Personal Accountants in Calgary & Vancouver

We understand that very unique issues may arise when faced with wealth and succession planning. Our purpose is to work with you to develop the best possible plan for your unique situation, and ensure the preservation of your wealth and legacy are implemented in a tax efficient manner.

We will assist you in an effective and smooth transition that will allow you to have a retirement and estate arrangement that best meets your goals and budget.

Our service options include:

  • Restructure of your organization to meet shareholder goals.
  • Assistance in finding appropriate partners or purchasers that will continue the legacy of your company.
  • Rollover options to transfer assets to family members while still maintaining primary control.
  • Retirement planning.

Tax Credit Advice from Experienced Personal Accountants in Calgary & Vancouver

Contact the professionals at MMT to ensure you are utilizing all your tax credits, including the following:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Child Care Expenses
  • Children’s art amount
  • Children’s fitness amount
  • Disability Credits
  • Interest on Student Loans
  • Tuition & Textbook Credits
  • Donations & Political Contributions
  • Foreign Tax Credits
  • Public Transit Pass Expenses
  • First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credits

Contact Us

The personal tax accountants at MMT are here to assist you with all of your personal tax needs, past, present and future. From resolving back tax issues to planning for future tax payments, we can help organize your finances and create a budget and investment plan to secure the financial future of your family. Contact our offices in Calgary or Vancouver today to learn more about how our personal accountants can help you.